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The Heavy Cost of Neglecting Rust on Your Nissan Figaro


Owning a Nissan Figaro is a dream come true for most of us,however, one aspect that can quickly turn that dream into a nightmare is the presence of rust or damage, especially around the wheel arches.

The money you may save on purchasing a cheaper Figaro will most likely bring heavy costs later down the line and it is more often that not, related to rust or bodywork damage. Those costs can get out of control if you take your beloved Figaro to an unreliable garage for shoddy repairs.  Here at The Figaro Shop, we have seen an increasing number of poorly maintained Figaro’s, or worse still, poorly repaired Figaro’s where owners have handed over their trust and their money only to come out with patch up jobs that not only look bad, add no protection and longevity to the car.

The Hidden Dangers of Rust and Damage

When purchasing a Nissan Figaro, it is crucial to thoroughly inspect the car for any signs of rust or damage, especially around the wheel arches. Take a look at this video where Ant walks you through essential checks that will make sure you don’t get nasty surprises later.

Rust can not only compromise the structural integrity of the vehicle, leading to weakened metal and potential safety hazards, but damage to wheel arches can also have a significant impact on the overall performance and value of the car.

If you encounter wheel arch issues with your Nissan Figaro, it is crucial to choose a reputable garage for repairs –  a poor job can lead to further damage and only increases the costs of repairs.

Inexperienced or unskilled technicians may not have the expertise required to properly address rust or damage around the wheel arches, resulting in subpar workmanship and potential long-term consequences.

We were recently brought this emerald green Nissan Figaro and the owner had already parted with £4,000 on rear wheel arch repairs. As you can see from the photos, the job was a far cry from what you would expect from a professional garage with skilled technicians.

It takes an even higher level of expertise to rectify someone else’s shonky workmanship, but luckily, working on Nissan Figaro’s and bringing them back to their former glory, is what we do.

Our technicians at The Figaro Shop have spent years specialising in Figaro restorations and repairs, honing their skills to address wheel arch issues effectively. It requires a high level of expertise and incredible attention to detail.

We understand the unique challenges presented by rust and damage in each particular area and have the knowledge and experience to rectify subpar work undertaken by other garages.

Just remember buying a Nissan Figaro with rust or damage around the wheel arches can lead to heavy financial costs and potential safety hazards later. It is crucial to thoroughly inspect the car before purchasing and choose a reputable garage for any necessary repairs.

At The Figaro Shop, we have witnessed the consequences of neglect and poor workmanship and it has seen far too many Nissan Figaro’s being declared not road worthy. 

We specialise in all areas of bodywork on Nissan Figaro’s but we can’t perform miracles, so don’t let things get to the point of no return! We really want to see the joy that Figaro’s spread for years and years to come. Please email Ross at our bodyshop to book in any of our bodywork or restoration services [email protected] 

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