Nissan Figaro Rear Brake Shoes Set – EBC Ultimax


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The brake shoes on any vehicle are a critical component of the braking system. Designed to cause controlled friction to the brake drums, the shoes are subjected to frictional heat and this causes them to wear down with use. Fitting the best brake shoes available not only makes the vehicle safer when braking but can also prolong the life of the drums and shoes due to the use of higher quality materials.

Manufactured by EBC in the UK, the brake shoe set is a great upgrade over the original shoes. The high quality frictional material has been carefully manufactured to meet and exceed the oem braking performance and last longer. Manufactured as a direct replacement, the EBC shoes will fit into your original drums with ease and offer the extra braking power they were designed to promote. We recommend the use of a brake shoe fitting kit for ease of installation available HERE

Benefits include:

  • High Quality EBC
  • Made in the UK
  • Direct Replacement
  • Better braking performance than oem

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