Nissan Figaro Performance Grooved Brake Disc/Rotor Pair – Upgrade


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The Nissan Figaro is loosely based on the platform of a Nissan Micra mk1 but there are quite substantial differences and the braking system is one of those differences. The Nissan Figaro, due to its extra weight and power output, is equipped with vented front brake discs for extra stopping power and reduction of frictional heat. High quality brake discs are a must for safety and for the best performance of the vehicles braking system.

The original braking system was predominantly designed for city use on the streets of Japan. The braking system has found to be a little bit lacking when slowing down steep hills or from speed on a highway. Here at The Figaro Shop we are always developing parts to upgrade safety, longevity and driveability of the Nissan Figaro to promote a more modern standard of performance and the braking system is one we are now able to offer a performance upgrade to.

The blank high quality brake discs fitted from factory are great for their designed purpose but often suffer from overheating or brake fading. We are now able to offer an upgraded pair of brake discs with grooved faces to dissipate heat and de-glaze the brake pads to offer consistent braking under pressure. These specially machined and heat treated discs/rotors and proudly manufactured in the UK and are made to order (3-5 day lead time) although we will hold a small number in stock. Mated with our all new upgraded brake pads, these discs will offer the ultimate in braking ability, safety and performance.

It is always recommended to install new brake pads when fitting new brake discs for perfect brake balance and efficiency which are available HERE

Benefits include:

  • Figaro Specific Upgraded vented brake disc pair
  • Performance Grooved Design
  • Direct replacement
  • Heat treated
  • Manufactured in the UK

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