Nissan Figaro Shock Absorbers – New – Front Set




One of the most appealing traits of the Nissan Figaro is its ability to carry its passengers in comfort and style. This is made possible with the use of oil filled shock absorbers which are able to absorb undulating bumps found on most public roads. The shock absorbers are subjected to a great deal of load and as such, can fail over time causing them to leak, become ineffective in absorbing energy and making the vehicle uncomfortable to drive . This can also be an MOT failure that will need immediate attention.

The shock absorbers were originally manufactured in Japan by Kayaba and these replacement oil filled variants are made by the same manufacturer so you can rest assured you are fitted the best quality shock absorber available. This will give the Figaro the authentic ride it was designed to have and allows the Figaro to remain comfortable and stable on most roads.

Shock absorbers must always be changed in pairs for safety reasons. Please select which option you require from the drop down menu.

Benefits Include:

  • Japanese Built by Kayaba
  • Oil filled for the most comfortable ride
  • Premium grade shock absorbers
  • Perfect fitment

Additional information

Weight 4.5 kg


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