Nissan Figaro Vinyl Roof Hood Kit – New

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Roof Tensioner Kit

Rear Frame Vinyl



The Nissan Figaro’s iconic folding roof is covered in an ivory coloured vinyl trimming which is hard wearing, foldable and weather resistant but over time, the low grade vinyl has a tendency to shrink, leak, fade and tear causing damp and water ingress into the interior of the vehicle. The original roof kit is prone to splitting at the seams and more often than not, shrinks on both sides exposing the rubber roof seal to the elements.

The all new roof kit The Figaro Shop is able to supply from stock is manufactured from a hugely improved and uprated marine grade vinyl material that is far more resistant to shrinking, tearing and cracking for a “fit and forget” installation. The more robust material can be fitted by the DIY enthusiast by following our online guides and videos and only requires the purchase of a high grade contact adhesive available at any good hardware store. Even in hot climates and climates with greatly varying seasons, the new material can withstand direct sunlight and poor weather for years to come.

An instruction guide can be found HERE
A Video guide can also be found HERE

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Benefits Include:

  • Uprated marine grade vinyl
  • Resists Shrinking and cracking
  • Hard wearing
  • Guides available with online and phone support

We recommend changing the rear frame vinyl covering at the same time in order for the materials to look identical which is available HERE




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