Nissan Figaro Rear Roof Bow Replacement Panel


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The Nissan Figaro’s iconic folding roof is covered in a hard wearing, foldable and weather resistant ivory coloured vinyl trimming. This trimming is bonded to the structural front and rear roof bows that form the structure of the roof mechanism. The single skin steel rear roof bow offers the physical connection between the roof and the rear window frame and double skin steel front roof bow connects the folding roof mechanism mechanism, roof latches, vinyl covering as well as the inner roof liner together.

The Nissan Figaro, due to its age, has suffered from rust and corrosion to a couple of common places but the thin rear roof bows are now becoming a common failure point. Water, salt and grime attack the 30+ year old steel causing the roof bow to corrode away and this is usually visible with the roof open or when undertaking a roof cover change. A tell tale sign is the crunchy sound if pushing on the rear bow or a bumpy vinyl covering highlighting the corrosion underneath. Temporary steel patching to try and lengthen their service life has been the only real solution until now.

Here at The Figaro Shop, we are always developing parts to ensure the longevity of the Nissan Figaro and we are now able to offer a complete rear roof bow repair panel that has been custom made using original sections to create the moulds and dies to ensure a perfect fit. The repair panel is a complete roof bow and offers a simple,  long lasting solution to the corroded original roof bow. Mated with our exclusive FRONT ROOF BOWREAR FRAME, TENSIONER SYSTEM and VINYL ROOF,  we are now able to offer every failing component of the roof which are all proudly manufactured in the UK.

These are custom made specifically for the Nissan Figaro out of a high grade steel using an English wheel and all new modern moulds to create the perfect shape as a direct replacement. Crafted by hand in the UK by a specialist metal former who specialises in recreating body panels for classic Bentleys, these smooth 1 piece roof bows are exclusive to The Figaro Shop and are used around the world for a perfect repair every time. Do not fit inferior parts to your vehicle to only have them fail very quickly.

Benefits include:

    • High quality steel
    • OEM Style 1 piece construction
    • Specifically manufactured for the Nissan Figaro
    • Hand made in the UK
    • The very best replacement panels available
    • Used worldwide to achieve a perfect long-lasting repair



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