Nissan Figaro Suspension Top Mount Upgrade Polyurethane Insert Kit




The Genuine Nissan Figaro top mounts are a critical component of the front suspension of the vehicle. They are designed to not only attach the top of the shock absorber to the vehicle body but to also isolate the shock absorber through a double bush within the housing of the top mount. As the suspension actuates over time, stress if placed on the enclosed rubber bushings causing them to wear. This wear translates into play within the top mount which can manifest into a knocking sound, poor tracking and play within the suspension.

Here at The Figaro Shop we have been working on a cost effective upgrade for the original rubber inserts. Using superior polyurethane and after a year of testing,  we now have a solution that is a direct replacement for the original but also has the benefit of better road holding, longer life and is very easy to fit using our “How To” guide available HERE and at half the price of replacing the complete top mounts.

Fitting the all new polyurethane upgrade mounts will allow the suspension geometry to be correct as intended from factory, allow for quiet operation and safely mount the front shock absorber to the vehicles’ suspension turret.

Benefits include:

  • Made in the U.K
  • Direct Replacement
  • Upgraded Polyurethane Material
  • Quiet and smooth operation of the front suspension
  • Allows for accurate setup of vehicle tracking
  • Minimises play within the front suspension

Each Kit will come with 2 upper mount inserts and 2 gaskets for each side of the vehicle. Only 1 kit needed per vehicle

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Weight 0.50 kg


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